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Always looking for excellence, Wellcon has several certifications that attest to the quality of our services, they are:

  • ISO 18001

  • ISO 14001

  •  ISO 9001

  •  IADC

  •  IWCF

  • Local Content

Certification is not a title or a medal, but sets up a form of business organization – to put things in their proper places in a systemic way; helps companies to understand what is internally happens and, someway, guides the treatment of processes and actions that must be executed so that nonconformities do not recur; and also helps organizations develop a greater appreciation of their clients, assisting in the development of leadership and contributing to the involvement of people.

We can also highlight other benefits derived from the certification process: great opportunity to boost the organization’s image; increased customer satisfaction; shifted focus from correction to prevention; mobilization around a common goal and reducing waste and cost.

Lastly, it is worth noting that certification is not just a picture that hangs in the reception wall or in other locations to be used as marketing. No doubt, our certifications were won with merit and effort – and we can see its real importance and the gains for the organization.

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