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The Wellcon is accredited by ANP to attest publicly, through the issuance of a certificate, that particular good or service complies with the requirements specified in regulation of Local Content Certification.

The Local Content Certificate is a document issued by Certifier, according to the model available by ANP, stating the percentage of local content of good or service contracted for measurement.

Local Content

“Local Content” is the relation between the value of goods produced and services rendered in the country to execute the contract and the total value of goods and services used for this purpose.

The local content policy strictly attends this guideline to determine a minimum local content

in the concession contracts for several equipment and services, to encourage domestic industry, allowing the formation of local production chains, celerity in technical assistance and other gains for concessionaries.
So to participate in the oil production chain in Brazil is necessary to have a proportion of national goods and services. The proof of this proportion is made through the Local Content Certificate, which the Wellcon is accredited to issue.

For more information, see the ANP resolution 36/2007 or contact us.

Dissemination of local content certificates


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