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Latest software that integrates operational and visual monitoring in oil wells, using clean energy and wireless data transmission technology, the information is stored by dataloggers imported.

It is interactive with the direct user and allows you to realize operations with greater security and control by the operator.

With this system, we can store and view in real time, anywhere in the world, online images from cameras installed throughout lease and various operating parameters, such as:

  • Pumping Pressure;
  • Strokes per minute and retained (SPM);
  • Torque of column;
  • Weight, position and rotation of column;
  • Temperature;
  • Input and Output Flow;
  • Tank Level;
  • Weight on drill;
  • Return flow in percentage;
  • Gas Leak;

Among the advantages offered, we highlight: —

Operational Familiarity

It is intended to be accessible to the operator, so it was designed for a greater familiarity with the controls used.

Decision making

The system allows the operator to take immediate decisions with conviction grounded in safe and quickly.

Information reliability

Improved accuracy due to the use of power supplies that stabilize the signal of the sensors. In addition to comunication with capture and wireless transmission eliminating noise caused by cables.

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